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KAKI - Kiwami -

Please enjoy our carefully selected premium "Kuroge-wagyu beef" yakiniku. We buy our cattle whole and prepare a varaety of rare cuts. We are also able to serve both supreme "Yamagata-gyu" beef as well as aged beef at reasonable prices. Our rice and vegetables are selected and sourced from the local farmers' market as well as from individual farmers. We have wide range of of both local and international wines and locally produced sake, which pair well with meat dishes.

With a wonderfully relaxed ambience, please enjoy our superb "Yamagata-gyu" beef

We are located 5 minutes on foot from the east exit of Yamagata station, KAKI -Kiwami- serves premium "Wagyu beef" yakiniku and carefully selected Yamagata wines.

Our course menus are ideal for exploring the delights of beef.

Along with a variety of a la carte menus, we have 3 different kinds of course menus.

What is "Yamagata-gyu" of "Kuroge-wagyu" beef?

"Yamagata-gyu," along with "Yonezawa-gyu" and "Kobe-gyu", are all different kinds of premium-brand "kuroge-wagyu" beef.

The methods in which Yamagata-gyu cattle are raised require special care and take much longer than other beef varieties. The cattle are raised for a long period in an inland basin climate marked by hot summers and cold winters. This is the primary reason why "Yamagata-gyu" red meat has more fine-textured meat fiber than typical beef, along with perfect marbling. , Rich and mellow in taste, "Yamagata-gyu" red meat is the optimum beef for yakiniku.

Superb Dry-Aged Beef

Our beef is matured by a method of dry-aging, which brings out the flavor of red meat.

As the 30-day aging process progresses, enzymes in the meat’s muscle begins to break down proteins into amino acids, which are a component of 'umami' taste.
We carefully select meat that has an increased tenderness, along with a sweet and rich flavor. Please enjoy unbeatable taste unmatched by other places.

火輝 極 熟成サーロイン

Course Menus

Course menus are ideal for exploring the various tastes of Yamagata-gyu beef. The courses include carefully selected and prepared, beef, salad, rice, and dessert.

Kiwami Course

Appetizer, Salad, Salted Tongue, Assorted Premium Yamagata-gyu Beef, Assorted Beef Innards, Soup, Rice (all-you-can-eat), Dessert


Yamagata-gyu Lean Beef Steak Course

Appetizer, Salad, Prime Beef Tongue with Onion, Assorted Premium Yamagata-gyu Beef, Yamagata-gyu Lean Beef Steak, Assorted Beef Innards, Soup, Rice (all-you-can-eat), Dessert


Supreme Aged Meat Course

Appetizer, Salad, Lobster, Supreme Choice Cut of Beef Tongue, Assorted Premium Yamagata-gyu Beef, Dry-Aged Yamagata-gyu Steak, Assorted Beef Innards, Rice with Broth Topped with Sliced Beef, Dessert  


All-You-Can-Drink for an additional 2,500 yen.

Dry-Aged Sirloin

Please enjoy the supreme taste, flavor and texture of the meat.


Supreme Cut of Beef Tongue

A very rare cut that can be only be obtained from a small area of the cow. 


Kiwami Beef Block

Mouth-Watering grilled beef block.


Yamagata-gyu Premium Kalbi (Short libs)


Selected Kiwami Rosu (Loin)


Prime Beef Tongue
with Chopped Onion


Yonezawa-gyu Shabu-chazuke
(Rice with broth topped with sliced beef)


Beef Fillet Steak


Supreme Yonezawa-gyu Sukiyaki


Drink Menu

We have variety of locally brewed sake and wine, as well as beer, shochu, whiskey to match with yakiniku.

A premium beer embodying the dedication and spirit of SUNTORY's master brewers.

The Premium Malt's


Selection of sake fromYamagata and all over Japan.



We have selection of wines to pair well with meat dishes.

Yamagata Wine


We also have other various kinds of drinks including whiskey, wine, shochu, and cocktails.


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About Us

Name KAKI -kiwami-
Address 〒990-00392-5-3, Kasumi-cho, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata, 990-0039, Japan
Phone 023-674-7677
Hours 17:30~24:00(L.O.23:00)
Closed Wednesdays
Price range ¥5,000 - ¥5,999
Capacity 40 seats (34 table seats and 6 counter seats)
Reservations accepted
The entire restaurant is available for private parties with 20 to 50 people.
Smoking is allowed in all seats.
Credit Card VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AmericanExpress, Diners